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Glass Tips

Author : Kevin Date : 9/18/2017 11:21:57 AM
With the development of technology and building,glass is widely used for decoration. It allows enough daylight to get through and reduces the noise level and solar heat.Nowadays, glass is a common-recognized material for residential and commercial buildings.

Glass type
1.Glass panel
There’re two kinds of glass panel. One is flat glass panel, the other is curved glass panel. Glass panel is mostly used for lighting and decoration. What we use most are as follows:clear float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,tempered glass,laminated glass,patterned glass,frosted glass and so on. How to choose the right glass depends on the design,place where glass glazed.

2.Glass units
It is insulated unit, also called”glass brick” or hollow glass. It is kind of double glazed glass,or triple glazed or more. It is mostly applied to curtain wall. Insulated glass is energy-saving glass,no matter in winter or summer, it saves cost for you because of its unique structure. Insulated units can be different shapes,like square,rectangle,triangle and so on. 

How to judge the glass?
Normally, you can see it directly. High quality glass has great flatness,smooth without bubbles,scratches,stains and other impurities. If glass used for commercial or projects, then the toughness,hardness and thermal performance should be taken into account. However, Most of the glass is transparent, so it is easy for us to identify its quality.

For further processed glass,we also need to focus on the processing,and keep the tolerance(size and thickness)under control. No missing parts on the edge.

How to maintain and care the glass?
Glass is something easy to break. So heavy impact or hit should be avoided in daily life. When glass is dirty with dust, just clean it with water and dry it naturally or with a rag. If oil or other stains on it, you’ll have detergent to remove the oil first, then clean it with water. Please make sure that no detergent touches the frame of glass,for some detergent is corrosive.