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How safety glass keep safe?

Author : james Date : 9/26/2017 11:21:35 AM
Let’s start with an interesting news. Recently, a glass company carried out a crazy promotion for their glass. They made a huge special insulated unit,put huge amount of dollars into the hollow space of the unit,then stand it in the street. Their promotion is”Anyone who can break the glass can take all the money inside”. of course, no additional tools are allowed, that is to say, you have to break the glass with bare hands,feet or any part of your body. Many tried their best but the glass is still intact. 

Safety tempered laminated insulated unit with dollars inside

What a creative promotion!People know glass is fragile,but it refers to ordinary glass like clear float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass and other non-tempered glass. The glass shown in the promotion is safety glass. Both Tempered glass and laminated glass are regarded as safety glass. However, in order to make it safer, people will use “combination glass”. Combination glass means combine different glass with each other and turn into one glass. Just like the promotional glass unit, it is made of toughened glass,laminated glass. So, you can call it tempered laminated insulated unit.Two kinds of safety glass turn into one safer glass. This combination glass is now widely applied to different areas, especially those where high-level safety is needed. Single safety glass is hard to break without tools,let alone the combined safety glass. This combined glass often works as anti-theft glass,fire-proof glass,bulletproof glass and so on. Now, you probably understand why people failed to beat the seemingly fragile glass.
With the development of society, Safety glass will be playing an increasingly important role in our life. Mipcoole glass is ready to face the challenge and will bring not only glass, but safety to all of our customers.