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Anti-skid Stair Glass/Glass Stair

Anti-skid Stair Glass/Glass Stair

Anti-skid Stair Glass/Glass Stair
Product name : Anti-skid Stair Glass/Glass Stair
Item : MPST-1701
Details :
Anti-skid Tempered Laminated Glass For Staircase Stairs Steps
Glass stairs is now quite common in residential and commercial decoration.Normally it is made of two or triple tempered glass boned together(laminated glass) with clear or colored PVB or SGP films. Laminated glass is safety glass, After tempering, it’ll be strong enough to hold the weight of adult. Also, you can do some patterns or sandblasting, Thus the glass will become skid-proof, which will ensure people won’t slip off the glass stairs. Glass stairs add aesthetic perception to the overall space. What’s more, glass stairs is easy to clean. Size and style can be customized based on customer’s request.

Size:custom size based on your staircase design.
Color:Clear,Ultra clear,Euro Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Dark Green, F-Green, Dark Blue, Ford Blue etc.
Other processing: holes,notches,bevelled edge and corner polished,all can be done based on your requirements.

What kinds of glass you can get from mipcoole for stairs?
Clear tempered laminated glass
Ultra clear tempered laminated glass
Colored tempered laminated glass
Patterned tempered laminated glass
Sandblasted tempered laminated glass
Silk-screen printed tempered laminated glass(decorative glass)
Pictures of Glass stairs

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