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Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass
Product name : Frosted Glass
Item : MPAEG-1701
Details :
Top Quality Frosted Glass Factory in China
Frosted glass is glass that has been rendered opaque through roughening or obscuring the clear surface of the glass. Normally, it is produced with quality clear glass,ultra clear glass or tinted glass through acid etching or sandblasting. So,people also call it acid etched glass or sandblasted glass, it depends on which frosting process used. Frosted glass can be used both for residential and commercial, especially where privacy is needed. 

Difference between acid etched glass and sandblasted glass
Acid etched glass has smooth surface on both sides while sandblasted glass has at least one rough side which can be felt by touching the glass surface. 
What’s more, It is much easier to clean the acid etched glass than sandblasted glass. You can clean acid etched glass with simply a rag, but for sandblasted glass, you have to use special glass cleaner to remove oil,dust and so on. 

Thickness: 3-12mm
Size:Maximum size:2440mm×3600mm
Minimum size:300mm×300mm
(Custom thickness and sizes as per customer's requirement)
Glass Color:Clear(milk white),Green, Blue, Grey, Bronze, etc.

Frosted Glass can be cut,bent,tempered,laminated to meet different applications.

•Interior partitions
•Shower and bath enclosures
•Glass walls

Frosted Glsss Picture:

The large sheet of frosted glass:

How frosted glass looks in applications?

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