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Tempered Curtain Wall Glass

Tempered Curtain Wall Glass

Tempered Curtain Wall Glass
Product name : Tempered Curtain Wall Glass
Item : MPCWG-1701
Details :
Top graded facade building glass tempered curtain wall glasssheet 

Why take tempered glass as curtain wall glass?
Curtain wall system is now quite popular among the buildings. Glass wall allows more natural daylight to get in,which make the inside well lighted and saved power. What’s more, it adds special modern beauty to the building facade. But put all this aside,we need security which always come first before considering any other elements. Tempered glass,also called toughened glass or strengthened glass, is just the answer. It is as clear as clear float glass(colored if necessary),but 3-5 times tougher than the ordinary glass. It endures sudden temperature change of 220℃-300℃ while common float glass can only withstand 70℃-100℃, this unique characteristic enables tempered glass to be applied to some extreme environment. If in any case, the tempered glass breaks, it’ll beak into honeycomb shape with obtuse angles which is harmless to human body. So, No matter what, it is friendly and safe to people, that’s why people call it safety glass. With this safety glass glazed to curtain wall, the building would shine freely.

Advantages of tempered glass 
High Strength
Thermal stability
Good flexibility(Deflection angle of toughened glass is 3-4 times larger than common float glass)

Size: As per customer’s request, custom size
Color:Clear, Ultra Clear,Bronze, Grey, Green, Blue, etc.
Any other requirements,please kindly contact us.

Tempered curtain wall glass pictures:

Insulated units
and laminated glass also used for curtain wall

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